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Get accessories made for hex lighting. Find everything you’ll ever need, from suspension cables, to hardware and wiring to much more!

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Looking For A Custom Size?

Experience a perfect fit for your space with our custom sizing services. Regardless of whether you require coverage for ten square feet or a thousand square feet, we have you covered. Create your ideal hexagon grid and receive an instant quote. Rest assured, all custom sets include detailed instruction papers tailored specifically for your order. Best of all, our custom sizing service is provided free of charge, ensuring a hassle-free purchasing and installation process.

About Our Lighting

We spent years perfecting and designing our hexagon lighting to what it is now. We’re proud to say we have the best hexagon lighting at the most affordable price compared to our competition. With trying many different materials, LEDs, and parts, we wanted to make sure that our lights are made to last and make the best impression in any space.

All of our hexagon lighting models are made from a thick aluminum housing and use a smoked white LED chip cover. This ensures a slick and modern minimalist look. Over the years of designing and creating the best lighting, we are proud of our products and will always stand behind them, and know their high quality, which is why we include a 3-year warranty on every hexagon light set sold.


Common FAQs

Each set consists of LED tubes, connectors, power cables, zip ties, and a manual. The set can either be flush mounted or suspended or hung from the ceiling.

(Mounting items not included.)

The kit will come ready to be hardwired. If desired, it can be plugged into a wall outlet but will require an additional purchase of a 2-prong wire connector. This can be found here.

No, each set comes disassembled. They can be easily assembled and hung in less than 30 min depending on your set with an easy to follow instruction guide. Please refer to our online installation guide here.

Yes, all of our products are backed by a 3-year full-coverage warranty. Incorrect installation voids the warranty.

Yes, our sets are fully customizable. Allowing you to be able to create any amazing design within your space.

Yes, we also offer a 3500K warm white and other border option colors such as red, blue, green, and pink. Please contact us if you'd like a custom set.

Installing our lighting on a drop ceiling is simple and easy. All you need to do is secure the lights to the ceiling using the zip ties we provide. Fasten the zip ties to the grid frame and you're done!

If additional help is needed please refer to our installation guide.

Our lights are lightweight and compact to provide an easy installation yet made from aluminum and polycarbonate materials to provide a durable and long-lasting kit.

Yes, we ship to all countries.

No, the lights cannot be dimmed or put on a dimmer switch.  

It is recommended not to have more than 15 hexagons / 60 tubes plugged into one power cable at once. Exceeding this limit will void the warranty. If additional power cables are needed please click here.

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Customize any set to your liking with a simple plug and play design. Follow your own design preferences without being restricted to premade options.

Super Bright

Our standard 14 grid and border set produce an immersive amount of light making over 60,000 lumens per set, ensuring every square inch is covered.

Light Weight

Lightweight and easy-to-maneuver lighting setup made from durable aluminum housing and polycarbonate cover. Easing the installation and setup process.

Long Lasting

We prioritize your satisfaction, offering durable lighting made with high-quality materials and LEDs. Our confidence in our product is reflected in our 3-year warranty on every sold light.

New Color Border Add-On

Add a color border to ANY hexagon lighting set. Simply go to the hexagon light set you wish to purchase, and above the “Add To Cart” button select the desired border color.

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